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Renegade was one of the first pieces of software to be released off of the Telegard source code. The source code which unfortunately, I was indirectly responsible for leaking to the world. (which is an interesting story...) Other pieces of BBS software were based off of this branch of code, including the new revamped Telegard. (By Timothy Strike, I believe.)

Renegade was the first successful one, however. It added tons of features that were wonderful. The only problem is that often the author, Cott Lang, felt like he was writing the software only for himself and a small group of elite friends. The prior author of Telegard had a more "Cool Idea! If I can manage to code it, it'll be in." attitude. I missed that old feel terribly, but Cott Lang was a far better programmer than I was then, and so I used his software. I felt like I had betrayed my Telegard roots all along...

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