Founded in Vancouver in 1978, D.O.A. is arguably one of Canada's finest punk and/or hardcore bands. D.O.A. has been a vehicle for the political rants and good-time philosophy of Joe Keighley (also known as Joey Shithead).

A BBS based hacking group formed around 1981. There were 35 original members from around the globe. Primary interests of this group were pre-releases of then unknown software, numerous exploits including the Renegade Thrash, working on development of FIDONET, and much more.

In 1984 the group achieved notoriety for capturing the source code and compiled program for Jack the Nipper.
DOA originally meant dead on arrival, and is a term used by paramedics and other emergency operatives to convey the fact that the victim or patient was already dead when they reached the hospital.

Alternatively, it is also used to mean that the patient or victim died in the period of time between the ambulance being called and it arriving.

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