Reaction produced by a stimulus, especially in classical conditioning and behaviorism.

Example: Stimulus: Dr. Pavlov rings a bell to indicate time for din-dins.Response: dog drools all over himself in anticipation. For the purposes of that experiment, whether or not there actually is food for the dog is irrelevant.

ASP Response Object

The Response object is used to send information to the client's browser.


Buffer Property
Specifies whether the output being sent to the browser is buffered.

CacheControl Property
Specifies whether a proxy server can cache the output generated by the ASP page.

Charset Property
Appends the name of the character set being used to the content-type header contained in the response object.

ContentType Property
Specifies the HTTP content type/subtype for the response. If no ContentType is specified, the default is text/HTML.

Expires Property
Specifies the length of time, in minutes, until a cached page on the browser expires. If a client requests the page again before it expires, the cached copy is displayed.

ExpiresAbsolute Property
Specifies a time and date when a cached page on the browser will expire.

IsClientConnected Property
Indicates whether the client has disconnected from the server.

PICS Property
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)
Specifies the value of the pics-label rating in the response header.

Status Property
Specifies the value of the status line returned by the server.


Cookies Collection
Allows you to add a cookie to a browser and add values to cookies.


AddHeader Name, Value Method
Adds a new named HTTP header with a specific value to the response.

AppendToLog(String) Method
Appends a string to the end of an entry in the web server log for this request.

BinaryWrite(Data) Method
Writes the given data to the current HTTP output without any character-set conversion.

Clear Method
Erases any buffered HTML output without sending it to the client's browser.

End Method
Causes the web server to stop processing the current .asp file and return the current results.

Flush Method
Sends the contents of the buffer.

Redirect(URL) Method
Sends a redirect message to the browser, causing it to try and connect to a different URL.

Write Method
Writes a variable to the current HTTP output as a string.

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(v 3.0) indicates that this feature is only available with ASP Version 3.0, which shipped standard with IIS 5.0

Re*sponse" (r?*sp?ns"), n. [OF. response, respons, F. r'eponse, from L. responsum, from respondere. See Respond.]


The act of responding.


An answer or reply.

Specifically: (a)

Reply to an objection in formal disputation

. I. Watts. (b) Eccl.

The answer of the people or congregation to the priest or clergyman, in the litany and other parts of divine service

. (c) R.C.Ch.

A kind of anthem sung after the lessons of matins and some other parts of the office

. (d) Mus.

A repetition of the given subject in a fugue by another part on the fifth above or fourth below.



© Webster 1913.

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