The motto for the ongoing campaign by the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority) here in Australia against driver fatigue.

Their flagship TV commercial shows a family watching TV, then pans to show what's on the tube. It turns out to be a driver's eye view of a stretch of boring straight road with one vehicle in the oncoming lane. The voiceover says something like "You couldn't watch 2 hours of this on the TV without falling asleep. Why do it while driving?" as the picture shows the increasingly tired driver on the straight road veering into the oncoming lane ... and having a head-on collision with the other car.

Ending with a shot of the only survivor of the car wreck, a young child in the backseat of one of the cars, the voiceover and the screen both say "Rest, revive, survive", followed by "a message from the RTA".

Good advice if you're driving long distances for long stretches at a time. I recommend having a short break every two hours. Better yet, swap drivers.

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