A freeware game by Bill Voss (a prince) created in Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5, just for the hell of it.

It is a turn-based puzzle game, with saucy little mocking messages for when you die. What can be more demoralizing than reading "PLACE THE HUMAN IN THE TRASH COMPACTOR" right before being disassembled by a crudely drawn killer robot? Nothing!

For a better idea of what wonders this game has to offer, the text of the help file follows:



A friendly little game from the devious mind and warped imagination of Bill Voss (a prince).

Deep beneath the surface of a small planetoid named RHACKPATOOEE (yes) live the Killer Robots from Hell (c) 1989. These robots were manufactured by the Killer Robots from Hell Corporation of Des Moines Iowa (a division of EXXON Inc.) The original purpose of these robots is unknown but it was obviously NOT cleaning up oil spills.

As the game begins, the robots are diligently attempting to prevent you from converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

Your mission on each level is to reach the Gate (There is only one on each board and they are easy to spot) without being captured by robots or being killed by hazards. You may move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally using the cursor control keys. (Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn are used for diagonal moves - Num Lock may be on or off)

Reaching the Gate automatically transports you to the next level.

To make things more interesting there are additional hazards such as Bottomless Black Holes in Space (c) 1988 and Electric Fences from Hell. Falling in the Holes or walking into the Electric Fences will interrupt your life support activities resulting in minor discomfort and death.

Each time you move, the KR from H will move also. They always take the shortest path to reach you. If they are blocked by a hole or another robot they will stay where they are.

If the robots capture you, they will attempt to dismantle you using a variety of reasonably sophisticated instruments and tools. Unfortunately they are not very good at reassembling organic materials so this procedure should be avoided.

If a robot contacts the Electric Fence from Hell it will be short circuited causing it to explode into fairly small bits and pieces which will be vaporized into sub-atomic particles which will be blown away by the prevailing winds. This will seriously hamper their efforts to capture you. Getting robots to walk into electric fences is a fun activity and highly recommended.

There are two types of game layouts available under Game Options on the game menu.

Designer Boards are fiendishly clever and diabolically difficult situations. All of these boards are solvable though they may seem impossible at first glance. On these boards you do not receive credit for robots destroyed unless you successfully reach the Gate.

Random boards are generated by the computer and each is unique (some are impossible). Sometimes you find yourself surrounded by robots and unable to move without capture and other times you find yourself next to Gate and able to escape at your leisure. As compensation for the weirdness of the random boards, you are credited 200 points for each robot destroyed even if you are captured or killed.


You will receive a special BONUS for reaching the Gate. The amount will vary with each level.

There is a 200 point bonus for every robot you destroy, and the bonus doubles if you get all the robots on the board.

You lose 2000 points for being captured by robots.

You lose 1000 points for dying.



Turns the sound effects on and off.


You shouldn't be playing games at work so we have removed this feature (so there).


The ESC will clear the screen and end the game but you can't pick up where you left off after your pesky boss leaves.

If you enjoy this game FAX me $5 at (201) 382-0875. If you don't get this joke, don't play the game.


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