"You know what I mean. You may think that I don't notice when you run off into the dark, but I feel you leaving me every night when you do. I hear their blood mixed with yours every time you touch me. I know what you do, what you are. And I want you to make me one of you."


"I just want to be near you. I want my blood to run in your veins while yours courses through mine."


"I need you, to be one with you. It hurts me to be so isolated while you are a part of so many nameless...victims."

I had never hit you before. You had brought out the monster that I had hoped you would never have to know. But how could I make you understand the pain that only I could know? I almost gave in when I looked at you and saw your innocent face stained with those unnecessary tears. I stroked the tender hair on your white cheek, and our eyes met, for the first time, really. "I love you," was all you could say, and it was enough. I took you from the ground and held you silently in my arms; you felt as if you were already dead, and I think you knew that. I kissed you once on your cold lips as I cleared the dark hair away from your neck. It was still so pure, yet so white. "I love you."

Your blood flows stronger than the others. I still feel your heart pumping blood through mine whenever I break an innocent stranger's neck and remember how I did the same to you. I suppose you got what you wanted; you will always be a part of me.

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