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NOTE:This episode synopsis may contain spoilers, and you may not wish to read it if you have not seen the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Characters Appearing in Episode Duel: Utena vs. Miki

Utena talks to Miki about the famous music piece, "The Sunny Garden" that both he and Anthy have played and finds out that it was written by he and his sister who were prodigies while they were younger. They always used to play in the sunny garden. However, once they were to give a concert, and Miki got sick, and his sister refused to go on alone. Since that day, Kozue never really played again, and the glowing thing that Miki felt as he played with his sister was lost.

Later, Miki goes to the music room to practice and runs into Kozue (his sister) leaving. Entering the room, he finds Touga, shirt unbuttoned. Touga talks to him about the Rose Bride, and how she must do whatever the winner of the duels asks her to. He reminds Miki that he should protect what is really important to him. Miki talks to Anthy and asks her to play for him. She insists that she will do it only if Utena allows her, and that if Utena doesn't want her to play the piano anymore, then she will stop. Bolstered by Touga's words and the realisation that within Anthy is the glowing thing that Miki has lost, he challenges Utena to a duel, so that Anthy can keep playing the piano forever.

Miki and Utena duel in the dueling arena forest. Miki believes strongly that Anthy believes in him and is fighting for her to be able to keep playing the piano, always. However, he is disillusioned when Anthy shouts out encouragement to Utena. He loses the duel. However, the seed of revenge, to get back his glowing thing that he holds so dearly, has been planted, and Miki has become a part of the duels that he once shunned as useless.

Elsewhere, Kozue is listlessly and poorly playing the piano - a poor mimicry of the beauty of Miki's earlier playing. She explains to her friend that she once played the piano with her brother when she was really young, and that he was the one who was the genius, and that no matter how bad she was, Miki would cover it up. That's why when he couldn't play for the concert, she couldn't do it herself.

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