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NOTE:This episode synopsis may contain spoilers, and you may not wish to read it if you have not seen the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Characters Appearing in Episode Duel: None

Nanami is paranoid that somebody is trying to kill her. She had a flower pot almost fall on her earlier when she comes to the Rose Garden and discovers a "No Entry" sign and her brother and them discussing something about "exterminating". Later in the day, a horse gets on the loose and almost runs Nanami over, but she is saved by a "prince".

This prince turns out to be Tsuwabuki, a boy much, much younger than Nanami. This surprises everybody because they thought that both she had high standards, and that Touga, although her brother, was the only man for her. However, Nanami treats Tsuwabuki like dirt and almost as if he were her slave.

Utena talks to Tsuwabuki about why he puts up with it, and finds out that long ago he witnessed Nanami being saved from a runaway bull by her big brother Touga. Since then, Tsuwabuki had always wanted to be Nanami's big brother and save him from things, and so he staged all these accidents so he could save Nanami from them.

Nanami overhears this just as a runaway kangaroo gets loose. Utena, Nanami, Miki, and Tsuwabuki all try to both fight and runaway from the kangaroo at the same time. Suddenly, Touga shows up and finishes the kangaroo off with a stunning uppercut. Nanami and Tsuwabuki break up, and Tsuwabuki becomes Nanami's little brother as Nanami declares that Touga is the only man for her.

This is one of the first episodes where Revolutionary Girl Utena gets really surreal. Although the episode synopsis cannot do it justice, some of the way the logic of the whole episode jumps around is so sudden as to be hilarious. The kangaroo (complete with boxing gloves) is so entirely random that I almost choked on the food I was eating at the time that I first saw it.

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