"Everybody goes to Rick's"

Character, played by Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

Rick is the owner and operator of a night club in Casablanca, called Cafe Americain. In which the local residents of Casablanca, who are Refugees waiting for an oppotunity to escape the European/African theater and Nazi Germany to America, frequently visit.

Blaine is called, "The Most Dangerous Man, in the most dangerous town in all the world." He is cold, sterile, and stoic. He is a shrewd businessman, a calculating adversary, and a former freedom fighter.
Blaine, once engaged to be married to a woman named Elsa, was dumped by her, while the two were escaping from the Nazis in France. Now a refugee, himself, Rick is a member of the criminal underworld in Casablanca.
When Elsa returns, Blaine's world is shaken up, especially when he finds she is married to the famous Escaped Prisoner of War, Victor Lazlo.
It is in how this event unfolds, where we find that Rick Blaine has a heart after all.

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