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Ripgut Brome is a grass native to Europe. It is a fairly small grass but has large seed structures with long awns. These seeds get stuck in the fur of animals, or in humans' clothes They have small hairs which allow them to only move in one direction, which allows them to move into your socks or into a dogs fur, possibly causing medical problems.

Ripgut Brome has been introduced accidentally to the United States where it is now very abundant. It is very difficult to get rid of, although herbicides or prescribed burns can be partially effective. Ranchers hate this grass because it can actually tear up the stomach of a cow who eats it. (ouch!) Conservationists and scientists hate it because it crowds out bunchgrasses and other natives. And anyone who lives near it hates it because it is extremely flammable and causes fires to occur more frequently than in native vegetation. Nevertheless, it is an extremely hardy grass and likely to be around for a while.

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