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Third album from alt-rockers, Jane's Addiction, released in 1990. Following on from the groundwork laid by Nothing's Shocking, it was the band's commercial breakthrough. Most fans would argue that Nothing's Shocking was a better album, but succeeding commercially with an album as progressive as Ritual De Lo Habitual was quite an achievement. Like the Pixies' Surfer Rosa, this was a major influence on the alternative/grunge movement of the nineties.


  1. Stop!
  2. No One's Leaving
  3. Ain't No Right
  4. Obvious
  5. Been Caught Stealing
  6. Three Days
  7. Then She Did...
  8. Of Course
  9. Classic Girl

Been Caught Stealing was the hit single from the album, with the video being rated #47 on VH1's 100 Greatest Videos of All Time. The other three singles were Three Days/Stop! (double a-side), Then She Did..., and Classic Girl.

Been Caught Stealing and Stop! were the best rockers; the beautiful ballad, Classic Girl, finishes off the album in superb fashion. However, the ten-minute epic, Three Days, is the real highlight for me. The song loses momentum occasionally, but climaxes with a wonderful guitar solo from Dave Navarro.

This would be the last album Jane's Addiction released, as they split in 1991. As an aside, it is worth noting that the cover art was rather artistic (in a French porn kind of way). Therefore a version with a clean cover was also released. Naturally I have the former.

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