An extremely fabulous and glitter-encrusted store in the middle of the Castro, San Francisco, California, selling handmade chocolates, fudge, gelato, and high tea. They also offer marzipan, both raw and in odd shapes like feet, and chocolate genital shapes on a stick, lollipop-style - raised up on a shelf where most people won't notice them. It's quite a small store, with just enough room for a few tiny tables with two chairs each if you don't mind regular customers ending up almost in your lap. There are faeries and snowflakes everywhere, as well as a massive Glinda the Good Witch doll and a pair of sparkling ruby slippers. The fudge comes in flavors ranging from violet and rose (which are actually made from flowers) to ginger and dark chocolate. There are usually six to eight flavors available in both the fudge and gelato selection, and the particular flavors vary from day to day as they come up with new ideas and get new shipments of gelato in. They run a bit expensive, but the fudge is reasonable and is rich enough to last for a long time. (They also have a website at

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