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A horse is considered a roan when it has white hairs fully intermixed with any other color. The overall effect is that the animal is a completley different color than either base hair. A roan is not splotchy like a pinto, but is solid.

The most common roans are:
blue roan: black hairs interspersed with white.
strawberry roan: red, copper, chestnut hairs mixed with the white. (Mane/tail can be a mix, red, or white.)
bay roan: bay coloring and white, leading to unusual points and markings on the horse due to the color gradient in the bay. (Mane and tail are usually dark.)

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Roan (?), a. [F. rouan; cf. Sp. roano, ruano, It. rovano, roano.]


Having a bay, chestnut, brown, or black color, with gray or white thickly interspersed; -- said of a horse.

Give my roan a drench. Shak.


Made of the leather called roan; as, roan binding.

Roan antelope Zool., a very large South African antelope (Hippotragus equinus). It has long sharp horns and a stiff bright brown mane. Called also mahnya, equine antelope, and bastard gemsbok.


© Webster 1913.

Roan, n.


The color of a roan horse; a roan color.


A roan horse.


A kind of leather used for slippers, bookbinding, etc., made from sheepskin, tanned with sumac and colored to imitate ungrained morocco.


Roan tree. Bot. See Rowan tree.


© Webster 1913.

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