The guitar player for The Band.

When you're listening to Memphis Blues Again by Bob Dylan, that's the guy playing those sweet licks. Music From Big Pink was the first thing these guys did after Blonde on Blonde by Dylan. It worked out pretty good for them. They tried harder and wound up with "The Band" a year later, in 1969. This had the hit, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Well, at least it was a hit to me.

Mr. Robertson went on to do some solo work, of which my personal favorite is the 1987 self-titled "Robbie Robertson." It contains a song called Somewhere Down the Crazy River which says a whole lot to me. If you don't like that one, try Broken Arrow. Rod Stewart made a semi-hit out of it, but it sucks compared to Mr. Robertson's version.

He's a Canadian, eh. So watch oot.

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