Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again is a snappy song on Bob Dylan's, 1966 Blonde On Blonde album. Probably refers to his being busted for possessing marijuana in Mobile, Alabama. Around this time his "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" was banned from being aired, touting, "...everybody must get stoned."

Mobile, this important port city, third largest in Alabama, was only several hundreds of miles farther down the road from Memphis, Tennessee. Though it was also a southern city, this location in the late 1960's was more distant than could be measured with physical mileage. The music industry in the latter location made it a bit more tolerant of artists and their accouterments.

In 1963 Dylan told Playboy Magazine about his merely "bending" the mind a bit. And his beatnik friends in Minnesota "Dinkytown" coffee houses all smoked with him early on. But, Eric Von Schmidt was amazed in the Cambridge coffee houses how Dylan could imbibe smoke and write the songs like he did.

Supposedly Dylan turned the Beatles on to pot in 1964, and in the album Revolver the cut, "Got to Get You Into My Life", was their amorous affair with Mary Jane.


(For graphic cultural reference, see the movie, Easy Rider.)


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