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Robert Gordon's College in the centre of Aberdeen was founded in 1750 by a local Merchant, Robert Gordon, who left money in his will to establish 'a hospital for maintenance, aliment, entertainment and education of young boys.

The school is now one of the best public (that is, private) schools in Scotland, and is in the top two or three day (not boarding) schools.

Today, around 1400 pupils are taught from age 4 to 18. Of these around 90% each year go on to higher education.

Some "fascinating" facts:
  • The original building (the Auld House) was used as a fortification by the Duke of Cumberland while he was on his way to Culloden.
  • The Auld House is haunted by a ghost, supposedly of a maid who was killed in the Govenors' Room. Legend has it that her blood still stains the floorboard beneath the carpet.
  • The will of Robert Gordon originally stipulated that no women were to be allowed on the grounds of the school. This was broken before the school even opened as a nurse was hired to look after the boys. Since 1989 the school has been fully coeducational.

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