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Bibliography of Robert Holdstock

The Merlin Codex

Celtika (2001)

Mythago Wood Cycle

Mythago Wood (1984)
Lavondyss (1988)
The Bone Forest (1991) (short story collection)
The Hollowing (1993)
Merlin's Wood (1994)
Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn (1997) or Gate of Ivory (1998)

Other Novels

Eye Among the Blind (1976)
Earthwind (1977)
Necromancer (1978)
Where Time Winds Blow (1981)
In the Valley of the Statues (1982)(short story collection)
The Emerald Forest (1985)(screenplay novelisation)
The Fetch (1991) or Unknown Regions (1996)
Ancient Echoes (1996)

Short Fiction

Microcosm (1972)
Ash, Ash (1974) or Ashes
The Graveyard Cross (1976)
Magic Man (1976)
On the Inside (1976)
The Time Beyond Age(1976)
Travellers (1976)
A Small Event (1977)
The Touch of a Vanished Hand (1977)
In the Valley of the Statues (1979)
Earth And Stone (1980)
Mythago Wood (1981)
Elite: The Dark Wheel (1984) - A novella based upon the computer game Elite, by David Braben and Ian Bell.
The Boy who Jumped Rapids (1984)
Thorn (1986)
Scarrowfell (1987)
The Shapechanger (1989)
Time of the Tree (1989)
The Bone Forest (1991)
The Ragthorn (1991) with Garry Kilworth
Merlin's Wood (1994)
Infantasm (1995)


Alien Landscapes (1979) with Malcolm Edwards
Tour of the Universe: The Journey of a Lifetime (1980) with Malcolm Edwards
Magician: The Lost Journals of the Magus Geoffrey Carlyle (1982) with Malcolm Edwards
Realms of Fantasy (1983) with Malcolm Edwards
Lost Realms (1985) with Malcolm Edwards

As Robert Black

Legend of the Werewolf (1976) (screenplay novelisation)
The Satanists (1977) (screenplay novelisation)

As Ken Blake

The Professionals
Cry Wolf (1981)
Operation Susie (1982)
The Untouchables (1982)
You'll be All Right (1982)

As Chris Carlsen

Berserker Series
The Bull Chief (1977)
Shadow of the Wolf (1977)
The Horned Warrior (1979)

As Robert Faulcon

Night Hunter Series
The Stalking (1983)
The Talisman (1983)
The Ghost Dance (1983)
The Shrine (1984)
The Hexing (1984)
The Labyrinth (1987)

As Richard Kirk

Raven Series
Swordsmistress of Chaos (1978) with Angus Wells
A Time of Ghosts (1978)
Lords of the Shadows (1979)

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