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If you've ever looked in the mirror at your morning hair and thought, man this world would be perfect if only someone invented a product whereby I could attach a cutting mechanism to a vacuum/suction device and cut my own hair because I can't bring myself to shell out ten bucks at the local barber and because I want all my hair to be the exact same length, the Robocut Vacuum Haircutter may be for you.

Now some of you may be thinking to yourselves, I've heard of this thing called a Flowbee, wouldn't that do the job for me? Hopefully, if I do my part, in the course of the following release of information, you'll find out otherwise.

Advertised "better than Flowbee," the RoboCut prices in at $47.95 for the base system, versus the more extravagant $69.95 internet price for Flowbee. For this one-time low cost, you also somehow receive free girl scout cookies from the company. Also on the website, visitors can register for a FREE e-newsletter subscription, published every month, featuring "valuable information regarding home hair-care tips, new hairstyles, news and special events."


The Robocut system was invented and patented in 1984 by a former Research and Development Engineer with Hewlett Packard named Alfred. Somehow, the RoboCut website reveals that in the years 1979-1980, he realized his pet peeve was the inability to get a satisfactory and consistent haircut, even from the best hairstylists. So, he worked after hours in the Hewlett Packard labs to create this astonishing invention.

In 1986, the founder of Flowbee bought a RoboCut, and coincidentally introducted the Flowbee system in 1987.

RoboCut vs. Flowbee (from RoboCut website)

  • RoboCut can do tight curly hair: African American, permed and poodle. Flowbee includes a warning that it is not for tight curly hair: RoboCut 1, Flowbee 0.
  • RoboCut can cut as short as 1/4 inch, Flowbee: 1/2 inch minimum.
  • The RoboCut is two products in one: family haircutter and pet groomer. The Flowbee unfortunately only offers two separate units to accomplish the same task.
  • RoboCut blades are "inexpensive, easy to change." Flowbee blades are "costly, difficult to change." A quick inspection of prices verifies this: RoboCut blades - $9.95, Flowbee blades - $25. Ouch!

Sample Testimonials (brought to you by the intelligent users of the RoboCut website)

  • S Willis, Nov 99. "We have had a Robocut for almost five years. I get a better haircut using it than I do when it is professionally cut. It is the length I want it and it's easy to use. We also use it to cut my shih tzu."
  • Pat Kibler, Reading, PA, since 1995: "My shitsu pet accepts only RoboCut, can not tolerate the noisy Flowbee"
  • Eboyd, "I have been using the Flowbee for over six years now and I thought it was the greatest thing on earth, the money I have saved has paid for its self many times over. But I must say the RoboCut is even better, as if the Flowbee was not easy to use, the RoboCut is even easier. My hair cut was better than the one my old Flowbee gave me and I love how light weight you have made it. I ordered the Deluxe model and it is the only way to cut. Thank You for saving me more years of unliked haircuts and helping me to save even more money. P.S. In the last six years of using the Flowbee, each time I cut my hair or my fiances hair the money we would spend on haircuts went into a kitty and we saved enough to go to Disney World last year. Hawaii here I come....."
  • Kole K, Morristown, April 2000: "I went to a good barber in New Jersey, the haircut took only 10 minutes with RoboCut DeLuxe. How can I charge twenty bucks this way, he joked. Of course he charged it anyway. He directed me to your website."
  • Jason, April 2000: "My name is Jason i am 16 and today i went over to my friends house and had my haircut with robocut. I love it!!! I had my hair buzzed into a buzzcut and I think it's great! But could you tell me if it can shave sideburns?"
  • Sechrist, D, Phoenix, Sept 2000:"Hi, I received my Robo cut system today. You won't belive this but it was to within 1 minute of the time I expected it. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I may have to let the hair grow a little though. The package looks like it made the trip okay. Thanks for getting the order out as you claim. There are some thoughtless companies out there, ya know."
  • Daugherty, S, Anderson, Sept 2000: "I hate to think of all the money I've wasted over the years on human error haircuts that wasted time as well. I received Robocut, read the instructions & cut my hair perfectly in 5 MINUTES! Granted, I only need to set it for an "even" 2" length but now my wife is wanting me to copy her expensive style! 2 weeks ago she was saying I would be wasting my money on Robocut, now she's a true believer. I'd like to buy stock in your company; if you ever do go out of business (can't imagine why) let me know so I can buy enough units to last the rest of my life. ... Mucho thanks-"
  • Lamanna, J, Gillette, Oct 2001: "My son had his haircuts with Robo since he was little. Now, leaving for college, he worries about getting good haircuts. So I am getting him the selfcontained DeLuxe Robo."
  • Serne, N, Kennewick, Dec 2001: "I hope you keep making these. I have a handicapped-autistic son, hates haircuts, pushes you away and runs. But he likes RoboCut, he likes vacuum."
  • Weiss, C, Portland, Jan 2002:" got it yesterday, did first haircut this morning. It was kind of hard to believe it was even cutting, but it was cutting evenly ... And sure enough, there it was, a fine haircut! Thanks!"
  • White, Donna, Gibsons, Canada, Feb 2002:"I used the stylist every six weeks. Two weeks the hair was too short, two weeks just right, two weeks it was too long which does not compliment me. Now I can have "just right" all the time."
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