The Duke of Puke


"Writing a biography of an artist is usually a straightforward process. You list the date of birth, throw in some astrological crap, talk about all the gold and platinum records the artist has received, maybe even toss in a few quotes of a philosophical nature to show what a deep thinker the artist is. Unfortunately, that approach just won't work with Root Boy Slim." --From the Official Root Boy Slim site
Put a quarter in the juke,
Boogie til you puke.
Pop that Locker Room,
Let's really zoom.
Shootin' and a-tootin',
All night long.
The party lasts,
'Til your brain cells gone.

Get on down and boogie tonight,
Don't know nothin' but;
You know it's alright.
Whaaah whaaah! somebody help me:
Whaaah! got to boogie,
Really got to boogie!

I start with port,
Drink two or three quarts.
I drank Pernod,
Then boogie some more.
Speeding two weeks
On Wyamine.
Don't mix too good,
With icebox wine.

Get on down and do it right:
Really got to boogie,
Got to boogie tonight,
Whaaah! got to boogie whaaah got to boogie,
Whaaah got to boogie whaaah whaaah whaaah!
Somebody got to boogie,
Everybody gots to boogie.

Put a quarter in the juke,
Boogie til you puke.
Form a big boss line,
It's puking time.
Cleaning woman,
Found me on the floor.
Can't wait til tomorrow,
To boogie some more.

Really got to boogie--
I got to boogie!

My life, my life,
Flash before my eyes.
I got to get on down,
It's too fast for me,
It's too fast for me.
I can't keep up,
I got to get on down;
I got to boogie on down


Foster MacKenzie III at his birth in Asheville, NC on July 9, 1944, (though some sources say 1945) by whose parents, had a father who followed famous Alister MacKenzie's cleat steps (38 courses) as a Golf Landscape Architect, (38 courses); and a well-connected mother whose father was a NC Congressman. They probably did have big and correct visions of their son some day graduating from Yale.  However, they did not foresee his name changing, let alone making it high (pun intended) on rock and roll's most infamous list. One might say he is on the Musicians' Most Wanted poster that includes Jim Morrison, Ozzie Osborne, Marilyn Manson, and others. His parents moved not too long afterwards to the Washington DC area, and they were well-to-do, (powerful enough to keep his early history private, as it is sketchy). They had enough money to send him to prestigious preparatory schools, including the DC area's Sidwell Friends (where the past and present President's children attend). However in prophetic preview of later behavior, he was kicked out of them. He finally settled down in a private school, thriving by playing football at Saint James in Hagerstown, MD; and was offered a scholarship to Yale University. One source stated that he was majoring in African-American studies.

When you turn 17, I'll just be 32,
When you turn 17, I'll just be 32.
I'm just a lonely man,
And you're still in high school.

Those lonely years that I keep adding to:
30, 31 and 32.
The years come the years go,
But I know I know I know:
I'm not too old for you.

I know you're so very young,
I don't want to come on like Mighy Joe Young.
But I know it's love baby, it's not infatuation,
You're the one to steal my heart.

He started his first band, Prince La La, Percy Uptight and the Midnight Creepers with one of his Yale Animal House type Delta Kappa Epsilon frat boys and fellow teammate who was football captain (and drafted by the Pro League Miami Dolphins), bassist Bob Greenlee. This fraternity, for which MacKenzie was social director, included former President George W. Bush a year later! Their band as early as 1965, (and James Brown and English inspired) was also known as The Caravan of Soul.  It featured a tall and slimmer MacKenzie as "Ken the Young Prince" with Bob "Bobby Uptight" Greenlee as his accomplice, who later turned down Yale Law School.  It would be a template for later personifications as he successfully fulfilled his desire to astonish by wearing fur capes and lurid metallic pants and they in almost self-defeat would boast how they would not get repeat billings.  After graduating in 1967, he took his degree, studied Architecture, and was to be a serious contributor to society as a City Planner, but left those dreams very soon. Because like Lowell George sang:

Off the wall came the call said we're destined to fall,
If I don't bring home more pay.
Keepin' up with the Joneses is killing me,
Go on and hang that man who says the best things in life are for free.
This rebel wound up not merely arrested in Jamaica, but additionally in Jacksonville, FL, and those would not be his only experiences to draw upon for material.
Used to be a radical
Pissed on the Pentagon,
Didn't have no values,
Didn't know what was goin' on.

I climbed over the White House fence,
Just to see who was the president.
I put flowers in the soldiers' guns,
'Till the tear gas made me run.

I drove a truck full of ice cream,
Tried to hit Spiro Agnew at 60 miles an hour,
Just to see if the sucker had a chance to scream.
You know I changed my ways, I cut my hair,
I declared land war - pure hell,
Pure hell y'all.

Used to be a radical,
Pissed on the Pentagon - think I'm makin it up?
High all the time,
Takin LSD on the White House lawn.

You know something changed my mind,
It was a billy club to the head.
If it wasn't for quick action by some freaky doctors,
Root Boy Slim be long since dead.

Used to be a radical,
Used to be a radical,
Used to piss on the Pentagon.

Watch out for that tear gas, man...
Seemingly anti-climatic, he also wound up driving a truck peddling ice cream. It was around this time that an LSD tripping Ivy Leaguer was apprehended by Secret Servicemen for climbing over the White House fence (a first since the War of 1812) and urinating on the lawn. His subsequent arrest and declaration that he was "...looking for the Center of the Universe," provided him a psychological evaluation at the well known Mental facility, Saint Elizabeth's, where he was diagnosed as schizophrenic. He was required to treat it with drugs from there on: He also supplemented this regimen with unauthorized self-medication. When he and his other Yale alumni wanted to return for homecoming, they were deemed anathema by the new DKE president, George W. Bush.
When I first saw you tonight,
Could not believe my eyes.
Got my mood ring smokin,
Twice the normal size.

Drank three tequila,
Just to calm me down.
Damn thing 'splode,
Spread my mood around.
You broke my mood ring

Then in that same year, 1977 after being released from the mental hospital (he would have a few additional deja vu's in this regard), he associated with the group Crying Out Loud and lured in tenor saxophonist, Ron Holloway (who later reincarnated this band), and he got back together with Greenlee now also known as  "Rattlesnake Rattles". After they added wild guitarist, Ernie "Sex Ray" Lancaster, Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band with the Rootettes was born. The Rootettes, the backup singers at this time, were Cherri Grasso, Kathe Russell, and Mickie Lee Jonnie.

They recorded a few songs, probably homemade, and using their own funds, but it was after Joe-Tel released a single, that they got airtime on Georgetown University's radio, WGTB and Bethesda's alternative radio station, WHFS. They began to garner a select fan base in the several clubs in the area like the Bayou downtown, the Varsity Grill's Backroom in College Park, MD and Bethesda MD's Psychedelly. Reviews started to tout the funky performances that were musically tight and full of stage presence, though some Jamaicans were teed off with his Caribbean memories:

Today I pray for you reefer,
Back in desire.
But 'till I see the Montego Bay,
Full of Babylon, can I say.

Too sick to reggae,
You know it's true.
Too sick to reggae,
I'm down to my last tear.
Too sick to reggae,
Only Jah can stop the tears.
Too sick to reggae.

Pray to our god Jah Jah in the morning,
Dog food for lunch.
Back in the cell y'all,
We feel heavy the crunch,
Makes me sing now.

Too sick to reggae,
Reggae, not rock 'n roll I say, nah nah,
Too sick to reggae,
I know it's hardly rock n' roll.
Too sick to reggae,
It's straight-A country rock n' roll.
Too sick to reggae,
Straight-A country rock.

You know your president Jummy Carter,
He was doing a good thing.
He want to legalize it,
Set the herb man free.

You know your herb make you a criminal,
No matter who you are.
No matter who you want to be,
Hittites, Israelites, Israelites.

Back in the USA,
Deportation time.
Lord know Root Boy Slim,
Too sick to feel nothin',
He guess he gonna die.

Don't you know he been singin',
About go out some time now.
But he been down in the jail,
Said they keep him eleven days.

They put him with some murdering Rastafaria,
But lord knows he didn't murder no one.
They been waiting about a hundred days for their trial,
They live on Kahlua and rice.

They don't eat no Chicken Chassis,
Let me tell you what the food in the jail was like.
Had Chicken Chassis one night,
The bones of the chicken, the chassis of the chicken.

Lord it was a good dish,
Bone chicken, chicken chassis.
Gimme a little heartburn,
They didn't have no S&M.
Besides their own material like "Christmas at Kmart" they did a version of "Laundromat Blues" that happened to be on WGTB when Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, doing business in the DC area, heard it, and was drawn into its miasma. He then heard demos from Washington's Joe Lee and Dick Bangham, before returning to Los Angeles, Bangham still does cover art for folks such as Little Feat, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nils Lofgren, Black UhuruThe Nighthawks,  Bootsy CollinsMississippi John Hurt,  and a bunch of others. Joe Lee was from an established family, that ran Paradise Records and got into the managing and producing music for the progressive artists like The Nighthawks, and The Lost Boys in the Metro area.  After seeing the potential, they shared this crazy sound with the ears of and producer Gary Katz who brought their music to Atlantic and Reprise representatives. Other rock stations added to their Holiday songlist, that sonorously frog-like mono-toned "Christmas at Kmart:"

Ho, ho, ho!
Hey, Santa, I hear you just got in from San Jose,
Got in a little trouble out that way,
But I’ve got a song that’ll pick up your spirits the most.
Goes kinda like this—

Christmas at K-Mart, all over the store,
People are buying just a little bit more.
So if you’re still shopping with money to spend,
How ’bout this album by Root Boy Slim?
Christmas at K-Mart, Christmas at K-Mart--

The mood ring counter is all aglow,
When Root Boy starts his Christmas show.
Winos sleep on the hot-air grill,
Hippies all take their Christmas pill.

Cough syrup, sold out tonight,
Those Locker Room users in their usual fright.
That lingerie counter was grab and go,
Shoplifters' bags on overflow.

Santa got a dose in San Jose,
Come to the K-Mart, wants love to stay.
I must have died and gone to Heaven,
’Cause Hell is Christmas at the 7-11.

That song inspired A&R, Warner Brothers, maybe against type, interested to give them a $250,000 contract and produce their first album in 1978, Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band with the Rootettes, at this time his crew was Cosmo Creek on pedal steel guitar, Felix Flaco Falcon providing percussion abetting Tommy Ruger on drums.  Cherri Grasso, Kathe Russell, (now deceased), and Mickie Lee Jonnie--were the Rootettes for backing vocals.  Bob Greenlee (who died in 2004 and founded Kingsnake Records) a.k.a. "Rattlesnake Rattles" provided the bottom on bass,  Winston Kelly IV Esquire, "Lounge Lizard,"  was on keyboards at this time.   Though it did not push the bullet up the charts, they were allowed to promote in an European tour. It was in Scotland that MacKenzie re-discovered his Scottish roots. 

Meanwhile the next year Joe-Tel, stung by Root Boy and company's signing with a major label, wanted to hang on to the coat tails of what they saw as a rising star and released the single, 'Meltdown' and 'Graveyard of Losers'.

Growly and beatnik poetic like Tom Waits, Doctor John,  Captain Beefhart, Crack the Sky, Frank Zappa, and The Good Rats. He was down and dirty inspired  from even the more seedier side of town, he was a Rasputin to a strong cult-like following, similar to Little Feat, was, especially in the Washington, DC area. But  throughout the Mid Atlantic area in the late seventies and early eighties his notoriety had its niche. He used to brag that he perspired more than even the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.   More than any other source, one can read his autobiography from his tunes.

You may have seen it on your TV,
In your private home.
You may have even seen it on the scoreboard,
In the Astrodome.

Gets you in the elbows,
Back of the neck.
Who knows where the heartbreak's,
Going next.


    Heartbreak of psoriasis,
    Heartbreak of psoriasis,
    Got that flaky flaky skin,
    Got that flaky flaky skin.

When I come to your town,
Looks like snow outside.
So much flaky skin in my Cadillac,
Can't even see to drive.

Elbows started shrinkin',
Just about flaked away.
Even with the Tegrin I'm takin',
Looks like the heartbreak's here to stay.


I used to be from D.C.
But they don't want no more of me.
They said my head was the worst dust bowl,
They had ever seen.

I'm gonna join Hare Krishna,
Become a Buddhist monk.
Sell flowers in the airport,
With all the other piddly punks.


So much flaky skin in my Cadillac can't even see to drive,
Beep beep flaky skin.
Irreverent as well as vulgar, he has been dubbed “Lenny Bruce of the Blues,” and he definitely was not a glam rocker, he was not really cute as a bug-eyed Pillsbury Dough-boy, with dirty stringy, lipid-laden hair, (that began to recede), and was intoxicated on who-knows-what most of the time, who would sometimes wear his ROOT glasses, the O's convenient for the eyes. He was known to "sleep" on a cot onstage, only to reawaken just in time, livelier than ever, or to throw Root Loops (Fruit Loops) out at the audience.
Hey wait a minute, don't step on it!
My toupee is out on the floor.
Watch out for my mood ring, 18-button shirts,
In all the latest designs.
My all 12 astrological signs,
But what's worse you know,
let me tell you about it.

Trying to pass for 18,
Is a tough thing to do.
You can't make it in a disco,
When you're 42.

Been looking for love,
Every disco in town.
My wig's gettin' shaky,
My truss is slippin' down.

My wig fell off,
Don't step on it out on the floor.
My pacemaker's busted,
My Poli-Grip won't hold no more.

These girls laugh,
At my fishnet shirt.
When they call me grandpa,
That really hurts.

Look in the mirror,
Didn't look 42.
All that shakin and sweatin',
I must have come unglued.

My wig fell off,
Hand my toupee to me.
I'm quittin' the disco,
I'm almost 43.

Hey look out buddy,
Get off my wig.
Oops I didn't realize,
You was quite so big.

Go ahead and keep it,
Keep my mood ring too.
But gimme back my dentures,
Or I'll have to use Kung-Fu.

My wig fell off,
Hand my toupee to me.
I'm quittin' the disco,
I'm almost 43.

My elevator shoes,
My hip jewelry,
Sell 'em at a yard sale somewhere.

Anybody wanna buy all 12 astrological signs?
Anybody wanna buy 18-button shirts in all the latest designs?
Anybody wanna buy a wig?
You can have my wig for next to nothin'.

I'm quittin' the disco,
I'm quittin' the disco y'all,
I can't take it no more.

Too much heartbreak, too much pain,
Too much heartbreak, too much pain.


This was near the time of the infamous riots on US Route 1 started at the Varsity Grill's Backroom that caused the College Park, MD Council to ban them. But Warner dropped them, and some blame their mismanagment, and fortunately it was Miles Copeland III's startup side label Illegal Records from A&M affiliate, IRS Records that gambled again with this down and dirty rhythm and blues outfit with a second album, Zoom.

He brought into the studio for this effort, of course, Root Boy Slim with vocals, harmonica, and "Special Defecks," Ernest 'Ernie' "Sex-Ray" Lancaster on Guitar, "Rattlesnake Rattles" Bob Greenlee slappin' the Bass, Winston "Lounge Lizard" Kelly IV, Esq ticklin' the Keyboards, "A. Kung Fu Bashor" bangin' away on Drums, and the "Jones Boys Horns" (Ron Holloway & Marshall Keys) blowin' Saxaphones. Don't forget The Rootettes which at this time was Krash Kaka and Cherie Anita Fixx, providing the backing vocals. From this spawned a single, "Dare to be Fat", which had the catchy refrain, "Fat is where its at."

Somewhere in 1980 many members of the group had other ensembles thus did not do club appearances with him, but still helped with recording projects. Some of those like Holloway's Cryin' Out Loud and other bands such as Capital Offense, (that also had Holloway again along with Wayne Tomlinson, Tommy Lepson, Tim Biery, and Dominic Vigliotti). There was additionally, The Humans, Barbecue Juiceheads, and New Hope for the Criminally Insane which in tandem might be the instrumental accompaniment for Root Boy for the next couple of years.

There was a big five year anniversary party at the Psychedelly in 1982. Dressed in bright orange Seven Eleven garb and a ten gallon hat, Root Boy was feted with biographical movies

Thus, with the "a little help from my friends":  Mitch Collins,  keyboards, Steve Dennis drums, Jim Hanson,  bass,  Dan Hovey,  guitar, percussion, Brent Mingle, also bass, Jim Ore,  synthesizers, Jimmy Powers,  harmonica, and Rex Wilson, drums; and a small DC  company, Congressional Records, he brought to his adoring public in 1983, Dog Secrets.  With cuts like "Singles Bar"  and "Cowboy in the Sun too Long," he would reveal more of his life downtown and uptown, or way high and too down.

You can't quit my club
You can't quit my club,
Get out of that bed, woman
Rustle me up some grub.

I made you a star,
Put you in my show.
I made you a star,
Put you in the Root Boy Slim show.

You can't quit my club, woman,
You ain't got nowhere to go.

You stay on the bottom,
I'll stay on the top.
You stay on the bottom,
I'll stay on the top.

After that album, he played the clubs, and was mostly forgotten by the DJ's, but in 1987 during the band's tenth anniversary at the Roxy, 25 musicians he had worked with honoring him. He premiered his song that would be released that year, "Rich, White & Republican" which like a seer of old, looked forward in to the day his villainous Deke president would become US President a dozen years in the future. He would use his old friend, Bob Greenlee's new Sanford, FL studio, King Snake Records to put out that year two albums the first of which was, Don't Let This Happen to You. His helpmates for that were, Scott Corwin on drums, Tommy Lepson aiding with expertise on keyboards, on his ubiquitous Hammond B-3 and Leslie -- and he helped with backing vocals, and it was rounded out with Ray Tilkens doing the guitar work, with John Perez assisting with percussion. Kind of strange that he has an anti-porn, anti-drug song, "I Fell Down" on this album.

  Root Boy said about his next to the last release, the other one in 1987, Left for Dead: "This album is a spontaneous Blues Jam -- recorded in one session, unwritten and unrehearsed." It is another example of his memoirs in song.  

His last album in 1992, Root 6, was produced by Brit and Blues and Soul magazine's founder (in 1966) John Abbey. It was on his new Ichiban label started in Atlanta, GA to specialize in R and B and on the cover was a huge white road sign that appropriately sported the title. His last live engagement was in Casselberry Florida's Junk Yard blues club on June 3, 1993. This club featured artists such as Kenny Neal, Otis Clay, Tinsley Ellis, Floyd Miles, Derek Trucks, Noble ''Thin Man'' Watts and the Holmes Brothers. It was a showcase for Florida bands among them, the Groove Monsters, the Moondogs, and especially Greenlee's reincarnated band, the Midnight Creepers.

Yeah yeah:
I'm gonna tell you a story that happened to me in 1980.

You know sometimes I don't know right from wrong,
I, oh as my mother said, "I go off my ka-zip".
The psychiatrists they have the words for it, but

I traded my TV and my VCR,
Didn't have no use for 'em anymore.
For a guitar,
Named that guitar Little Freaky.

I was gonna change my name from Root Boy Slim,
To "Guitar Get Down And Be Guitar Get Down With Little Freaky."

I decided I'd take that guitar up from Florida to Georgia in my Thunderbird,
Maybe I could get a lesson and learn how to play a little bit,
I wanted to marry that guitar.

So I took that guitar to Macon, Georgia
Took it around to feel her in the old country places
Where my ancestors come over
In King George's time

And then I took that guitar up to Atlanta,
I was in the Atlanta Hilton.
Somebody had stole the keys to my Thunderbird,
My car was locked up, I couldn't get my guitar.

I went crazy for Little Freaky,
I could hear Little Freaky callin to me,
So I busted up and got in a big fight in the parking garage.
And had to leave town.

But as I was walking out of Atlanta Georgia,
A strange thing happened to me.
One of the strangest things that ever happened to me,
A lot of strange things have happened to Root Boy Slim.

I saw this Streetsweeper, streetsweeper
on a construction site,
I walked over to it,
And lordy, it had the keys in it.

I didn't have no way to get back to Flagler Beach, Florida,
I guess I was a little crazy,
But I climbed up in that streetsweeper ,
And it had the key in it.

I turned the key over,
Yes it started right up.
I'd never driven no construction machinery before,
So I fooled with the levers and I fooled with the pedals.

Then I got it going forward,
Went down a big embankment, across the superhighway.
Nobody gonna get in my way with that big old streetsweeper,
Big yellow streetsweeper,
Sweep for me, in Atlanta, Georgia.

I drove from Atlanta, sweeping up a storm,
I put that sweeper down.
I was sweeping, yes I was,
Yeah yeah, I drove out of town.

But then I stopped off at the Jimmy Carter Center,
Yes I was looking for work,
That's where they got me.

They put me in the pre-trial detention center,
Say the boy crazy.
Steal a streetsweeper?
Yeah I did two months.

Two months in the pre-trial detention center,
But people you know.
I had so much fun on that streetsweeper,
I think it was worth it.


His past caught up with him in Orlando, FL, costumed in the form of the Grim Reaper while he was sleeping, June 8, 1993. We know that he still lives on via YouTube or iTunes. The Drew Carey show used "Dare to be Fat" on his show broadcast Friday, January 24, 2003. In 2004 he was inducted into the Washington Area Music Association Hall of Fame. (His occasional Hammond B-3 organist: and a kind of heir apparent, Tommy Lepson was also inducted in WAMA in 2006.

Root Boy Slim, also known as Foster Mackenzie III had his last wish: his ashes were scattered over Scotland. 



Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band with the Rootettes (Warner Bros. Records, 1978)

(side 1)
1.) "Boogie 'Till You Puke"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster - Kelly) - 3:26
2.) "I'm Not Too Old For You"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 3:25
3.) "I Used To Be a Radical"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 3:10
4.) "Heartbreak of Psoriasis"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 3:47
5.) "I Want It Now"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) -3:32

(side 2)

1.) "Mood Ring"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 2:30
2.) "Too Sick To Reggae"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Bernstein - Hall) - 3:04
3.) "My Wig Fell Off"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 2:03
4.) "Country Love"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 2:35
5.) "In Jail In Jacksonville"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 4:20
6.) "You Can't Quit My Club"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) - 3:12
Zoom (IRS Records 1979)

(side 1)

1.) "World War III"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Bangham) - 3:05
2.) "Do the Gator"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Kelly) - 3:12
3.) "The Loneliest Room In the World"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:24
4.) "Quarter Movie On My Mind"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:05
5.) "Sugar Daddy"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:25
6.) "Ignite It"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:40

(side 2)

1.) "She Wants To Move In"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:00
2.)"Dare To Be Fat"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:52
3.) "Motel of Love"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:45
4.) "Dozin' and Droolin'"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:20
5.)" Express Train"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 2:52
Dog Secrets (Congressional Records, 1983)

(side 1)

1.) "21st Century Man"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Dan Hovey) - 4:15
2.) "Liquor Store Hold-Up In Space"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Dan Hovey) - 4:02
3.)"Inflatable Doll"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Hovey - Lee) - 4:02
4.) "So Young, So Hip, So Lame"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Stuart Smith) - 3:42
5.) "Single's Bar"  (Foster MacKenzie III - Brunson) - 3:30

(side 2)

1.) "Tough Luck"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Stuart Smith) - 4:10
2.) "Don't Make Me Stop"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Dan Hovey) - 4:38
3.)"Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Paul"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Stuart Smith) - 5:14
4.) "Don't Tell Your Mother"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Stuart Smith) - 2:44
5.) "Cowboy Out in the Sun Too Long"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Stuart Smith) - 4:44
6.) "Death Star"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster - Dan Hovey) - 3:25

Don't Let This Happen to You (King Snake, 1987)

(side 1)

1.) "When You Date The Undead"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 2:53
2.) "Rich, White & Republican"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:49
3.) "Health Spa Lady"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:01
4.) "Kinky U.' (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:04
5.) "Computer Lover"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:21

(side 2)

1.) "They Don't Sing On the Corner"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:17
2.)"I Fell Down"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:13
3.) "It's Only Murder"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 5:07
4.) "House Band from Hell"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 4:48
5.) "Evolution"   (Bob Greenlee - Foster MacKenzie III - Ernie Lancaster) - 3:02

Left for Dead (King Snake, 1987)

(side 1)

1.) "Left for Dead"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
2.) "Too Wrong To Be Right"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
3.) "Livin' In the Ghetto"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster) 
4.)"Fire In the Hen House"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
5.) "Kinky Karma"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)

(side 2)

1.) "My Sign Don't Work"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
2.) "Credit Card Woman"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
3.) "When My Jones Comes Down"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
4.) "Eviction Blues'   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
5.) "How Low Can You Go?"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)
6.) "Snake Bit & Can't Shit"   (Foster MacKenzie III - Robert Greenlee - Ernest Lancaster)  

Root 6 (Ichiban, 1990)

1.) "Everybody's Got a Problem" (Root Boy Slim) - 3:38
2.) "Burger Row" (Root Boy Slim) - 3:22
3.) "Hey, Mr. President" (Root Boy Slim) - 2:50
4.) "I Wanna Be a Businessman" (Root Boy Slim) - 3:11
5.) "Eight Ball Boogie" (Root Boy Slim)- 4:10
6.) "Sex With a Capital X" (Root Boy Slim) - 3:31
7.) "You Excite Me" Root Boy Slim - 3:59
8.) "Our Little Mistake" (Root Boy Slim) - 2:45
9.) "Party At the Berlin Wall" (Root Boy Slim) - 3:51
10.) "Big Yellow Streetsweeper" (Root Boy Slim) - 4:10



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