The "Round Stic" is a model of ballpoint pen manufactured and sold by Bic. It's one of their best selling pens, albeit one of their cheapest as well. On Amazon, one can get a box of 60 Round Stic pens for around 6 dollars. (That's ten cents a pen.)

I used to be a "pen snob". I have tried and owned at various points dozens of fountain pens and inks. I've tried all kinds of ballpoints; from churches, businesses, the dollar store, Staples, refillable ballpoints. I've tried glass pens, metal pens, acrylic pens, plastic pens. It took me years to find my favorite pen, but it's the Round Stic. I've tried pens that have cost me $30 (not including the ink), but I find that I simply enjoy writing with the Round Stic more.

It's smooth to write with, it has just the exact right amount of resistance, it's perfect. Some larger-nib fountain pens glide across the page without much, if any, resistance. With my shakey hands, I have a hard time writing with those pens. I find that my handwriting looks the neatest with the Round Stic pens, and I've yet to find a dud in the box of 60 that I bought. It's my "holy grail" pen. And they're so cheap, I don't worry about losing them. I keep a couple in my pocket wherever I go, as well as in my bag, some are used as bookmarks so I can write in my books.


// Brevity Quest 2023

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