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Deheubarth was the creation of Hywel Dda formed by the union of the kingdoms of Dyfed with Seisyllwg. No one is quite certain as to what exact date to place on this transformation, so 920 AD is generally assumed, this being the year that Hywel Dda became the sole ruler of both kingdoms.

Kings of Deheubarth

Hywel Dda (920-950) Owain ap Hywel (950-987) Maredudd ab Owain (987-999) Cynan ap Hywel (999-1005) Edwin ab Einion (1005-1018) Cadell ab Einion (1005-1018) Llywelyn ap Seisyll (1018-1023) Rhydderch ab Iestyn (1023-1033) Hywel ab Edwin (1033-1044) Gruffudd ap Llywelyn (1044-1047) Gruffydd ap Rhydderch (1047-1055) Gruffudd ap Llywelyn (1055-1063) Maredudd ab Owain (1063-1072) Rhys ab Owain (1072-1078) Rhys ap Tewdwr (1078-1093) Gruffudd ap Rhys ap Tewdwr (1093-1135)

Princes of Deheubarth

Gruffudd ap Cynan (1135-1137) Anarawd ap Gruffudd (1137-1143) Cadell ap Gruffudd (1143-1151) Maredudd ap Grufudd (1151-1155) Rhys ap Gruffudd (1155-1197) [Gruffydd ap Rhys (1197-1202) Owain ap Gruffydd (1202-1236)

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