EP: Rumpistol
Artist: Rumpistol
Label: Rump Recordings
Year: 2003
Rating: 4/5
Summary: Playful, laid back music featuring interesting found sounds.

Rumpistol's eponymous debut album is a shining example of how to craft a niche sound using minimal equipment. While the melodies are pleasant and the rhythms are laid back, it's the charming soundscape that makes this album stand out.

The soundscape appears to be a curious combination of found sounds, such as clanging metal objects and rustling paper, blended with mellow synthesiser parts such as clean sub-bass, strange pads, twanging noises, and vocoded voices. A few finishing touches, from pizzicatos and brushed drums to vocals - spoken, not sung - add extra flavour to some of the tracks. The overall sound is usually playful, and always polished.

The arrangements are also top-notch, yet lighthearted. The album features quirky embellishments, and occasional emphasis is given to silly rhythm solos and funny vocals.

This is a unique album filled with original ideas. It also has superb production. If this album is any indication, Rumpistol is someone to keep an eye on.

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