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Runaways is a comic book printed by Marvel Comics. It was written by Brian K. Vaughn who is also the co-creator along with penciler Adrian Alphona.

Originally in Marvel's short-lived Tsunami line of comics, Runaways, along with the rest of the line, was targeted at attracting a new generation of comic book readers. While attracting some new readers, Runaways also managed to earn itself a place among many established comic book readers, such as writer Joss Whedon, who wrote in to the comic when he discovered it was canceled with the rest of the Tsunami line.

However, its strong fan base earned it another shot and the comic is going through its second run.

Well, duh. I've known our parents were evil since I was five. This perverted little gathering just confirms it.-Runaways, Gertrude

Runaways follows the lives of 6 young people whose ages range from 11 to 17. Their lives are turned upside down after they discover their parents performing a human sacrifice and that they are a group of super-villans known as The Pride. Choosing to overthrow their parents, these runaways escape and summarily discover their own unique sets of powers or uncover their parents' weapons in order to challenge them.

The series is marked with sharp witty comments rife with both pop culture and classical references such as the 11 year old Molly's comment to Nico's evil wizard parents during a battle:

You guys should be more like Harry Potter's parents. They're good wizards. And they're dead
or Gertrude's comment toward the female member of the interracial duo of Cloak and Dagger: Hey Desdemona!

A few magazines have hailed the series as one of the most original in a long time. It's becoming a fan favorite and looks to have many long term possibilities.

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