Warning: This is an incredibly dumb thing to do. If you are succesful it may take you ages to get rid of it. I don't speak from personal experience (as if I'd admit it). I take no responsibility for any actions that follow from reading this, or, for that matter, any that don't.

On the plus side, if you're into home brewing you just might be looking for the next step in bringing the brewing process that little step closer. Your stomach is an extra carboy you already own and you can bugger secondary fermentation

Firstly, you need bottle conditioned beer, or something else with live yeast in it. ale yeast works better at body temperature. I weigh about 48 kg and it took about 9 bottles of coopers pale ale, not that I've ever done this, not even on a dare this last summer. You'll also need a shitload of glucose lollies. Shake the bottles until all the sediment is in suspension and then drink them as you eat the lollies. If you succesfully induce gut fermentation your guts will feel horrible but eating lollies will get you drunk. It's a win-win situation.

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