Not all beers are the same, and similarly, not all beers are at their best at the same temperature. Colder temperatures accentuate bitterness from hops and the "clean" taste produced by lager yeast while warmer temperatures highlight subtle esters and other flavours of a more complex, fuller bodied beers. All temperatures are in degrees celsius rather than any archaic measure that might still be in mainstream use in some of the more backward parts of our planet. Abbey & Trappist beers have been treated seperately as enkel, dubbel, trippel, quadrupel, dark etc.

It should be noted that these are just guidelines and you should drink your beer at the temperature you'll enjoy it most. One of my finest memories was of floating in an inflated inner tube in a river in the midday heat of a 35 degree day around friends while camping, with a one and a half litre stein of near frozen hefeweizen in my hand - ahhh... forget these rules just turn your heating on, wear your winter woolies and keep all your beer in the freezer.

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