Often mistaken by aliens as large plastic donuts, inner tubes are popular water toys that can be seen anywhere from public pools, to water polo games, from lakes, to water parks (*SMILE*!). Inner tubes get their name from being (at least originally before inner tubes were manufactured for their own sake), literally, the inner tube of a tire.

You can tell the low quality inner tubes by the rash you get on your arms and (depending on your swimsuit) ribcage due to the uncut seams on the inner tube. This is not a problem as much on slides than lazy rivers. Maybe it's not a problem at all, and I just have some painful childhood memories.

Common uses for inner tubes include (but are not limited to...*grin*):
  • inner tube waterpolo
  • water slides
  • tubing behind a motorboat
  • lassoing small children
  • ultimate inner tube frisbee
  • slingshots in the desert
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