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SBN (which stands for Student Broadcast Network, but they don't call it that any more) is a helpful service for UK student radio stations.

In exchange for taking at least 23 hours of programming per week, and a certain number of adverts after news bulletins, SBN will pay each subscriber station, provide programming at the rest of the time as a sustaining service, and the wherewithal to recieve this.

The output is generally pretty good quality, playing new and alternative music, with live sessions, the UK student radio chart, and the US CMJ Countdown. During prime time, the shows are presented live, and the rest of the time it's mostly automated.

Shows which all subscribers must take are:

  • The Late Show with Craig Pilling, Mon-Fri, 0000-0200
  • In Session, Tue 1900-2000
  • Pure with Vodka Source, Tue 2000-2100
  • the CMJ Countdown, Wed 1900-2000
  • The Barfly Sessions, Wed 2000-2100
  • The UK Student Radio Chart, Sun, 1900-2100
They also provide their own news service from 0800-1800 during the week, and take IRN's feed at the rest of the time.

Outside of term time, the station is automated back-to-back music, 24/7, with hourly news from IRN.

You can tune in at www.sbn.co.uk, or on the Astra 1C satellite, on 11.421Ghz H (same as MTV UK), audio frequency 7.08Mhz.

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