SMS poetry

The SMS (Short Message Service) protocol that is used for sending text messages on cell phones has a limitation of 160 characters. Because such a terrible number of people use SMS'es daily, many have gotten used to this limitation. This has gone so far, that a few poets have published books of SMS poetry - i.e poems that are less than 160 characters.

You may laugh now.

But seriously: Writing SMS poetry actually demands quite some writing skill by the poet - 160 characters is not a lot. Actually, this very paragraph is fairly exactly 160 characters long

This has led to two things: ppl strt t wrt lk ths, and also: Poets have a new challenge.

Characteristics of SMS poetry:

  • It is shorter than 160 characters.
  • It is often quite urban.
  • It (usly) dnt use t tpcl shrt SMS spk.
  • It is often observing city life quite casually.
  • The poet usually sends the poem to one person, and then forgets about it. Most of it is shite, but every now and then a true gem shows up.
  • SMS poetry is closely related to Haiku because of the limited space of making a point.

Some SMS poetry written by yours truly:

  • From behind a bus window. Police cars rushing past. A beggar in the rain. A kick to the groin. Leaving me behind alone. But I am still dreaming about you. And I think you know it
  • The cigarette between your fingers seems to be burning slower than normal. Extinguished by your tears. But this time there was nothing I could do
  • I have learnt to fly today. Flying with you seems to be what keeps me alive. Running down the hills. Jumping. We never fly for long.

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