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S.S. Palo Alto

The S.S. Palo Alto was built in 1919 by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Yard, and was an entirely concrete vessel that was part of the United States government's experimental program to determine the viablity of non-steel sailing vessels.

Despite being built to serve in World War I she was completeted far too late to do so. As a result, she spent the next decade or so being sold by people around San Francisco Bay with the hopes of still using her as a tanker.

In 1930 the Seacliff Amusement Company of Nevada, and towed to what would later become Seacliff State Beach near Aptos, California where she was converted into a casino and dance hall. Less than 2 years later the company went bankrupt as a result of the Great Depression and was left to the elements by 1934 when all removable items were taken off and she was made into a fishing pier.

Over the years and without any real maintainance on her hull, the Palo Alto begain to develop many structural cracks. By 1963 there was a large break in the ship and it parts of it were declared unsafe. Today she still lies in the same place in Monterey Bay.

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