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A 4-Pole Voltage Controlled Filter from Solid State Micro Technology for Music, Inc.

from a SSM short form catalog

  • low cost
  • differential signal inputs
  • stable resonance over frequency sweep
  • low volume loss with increasing Q
  • no op amp needed between output and VCA
  • wide supply range (±5V to ±18V)


    The SSM 2046 is an improved pin-for-pin replacement for the extremely popular SSM 2044. The patented true open loop technology employed in both products delivers a characteristic "fat" sound not available from other devices which have local feedback around each filter stage.
    The 2046 offers a 10dB improvement in offset, control feedthrough and signal to noise referred to an input signal level which produces 0.3% THD. The Q feedback amplifier and the frequency control circuit have been upgraded to minimize the in-band loss at high Q settings and to reduce the device-to-device frequency and Q setting variability.

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