6th century patron saint of Cornwall

Born in Wales, the son of King Glywys of Glywysing (modern day Glamorgan), who, upon the death of his father, renouced his claim to the throne of the kingdom in order to pursue a religious vocation. Left to undertake instruction from Saint Kevin in Ireland.

After his years of studing, Petroc travelled to Cornwall, and helped in the setting up of monastries in both Bodmin and Padstow, and converted its King to Christianity.

There are numerous tales surrounding him;

  • Two pilgrimages to Rome
  • travels to India and France
  • taming of wolves
  • Defeating the mighty serpent that King Teudar of Penwith had used to devour his enemies. (credit also goes to Saint Samson and Saint Wethnoc for helping) Many of the local yokels and peasants in the surrounding villages lived in terror of this serpent, so requested the Saints help. Tales vary about the tracking and slaughter of said beast, including one tale of Saint Wethnoc being swallowed, yet getting out unscathed upon the death of the creature.
  • living as a hermit in the woods at Nanceventon

Saint Petroc also has a number of towns named after him;

He shares the patronage of Cornwall with Saint Piran and Saint Michael, and Cornwall's unoffical flag is dedicated to him.

Died in 594 AD, near Treravel, of natural causes while on the road; and his remains were returned to the his monastery, Bothmena

  • Shown in iconography as either a stag, or a bishop holding a church
  • Feastday = June 4th

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