"Salival" is the title of a Tool's "limited edition" Video/CD box set, released on December 12, 2000. This is the bands first release in well over four years. The set includes a 56-page photo / artwork booklet, a DVD (or VHS), and an 8 track CD (about 70 minutes long).

The DVD contains all five of the band's videos (Hush is not on the VHS):

  1. Sober
  2. Prison Sex
  3. Stinkfist
  4. Ænema
  5. Hush (on DVD only)
The CD's track list is as follows:
  1. Third Eye (live)
  2. Part of Me (live)
  3. Pushit (live) - extended from the album version, and also features Aloke Dutta
  4. Message to Harry Manback II
  5. You Lied (live) - a Peach cover, Justin Chancellor's old band
  6. Merkaba (live) - an extended "Sober" intro
  7. No Quarter - a Led Zeppelin cover
  8. LAMC - a voicemail segue. Stands for L.A. Municipal Court
  9. La Pica De Maynardo - hidden song, on same track as LAMC. Spanish for / also know as "Maynard's Dick"

Sources include: toolshed.down.net, the Tool/APC Mailing List - themailinglist.cjb.net, and www.toolband.com

Besides not containing the video for Hush, the VHS edition also has the videos in reverse order. Other errors made in production include that in the liner notes, Merkaba and You Lied are listed in the wrong order, Pushit is misspelled as Push It under Additional Musicians, and Tool's first bassist, Paul D'Amour, has his name misspelled D'Mour.

Still a good album though, if you're a Tool kind of person.




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