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Sandra Kim (1972) Belgian singer

Sandra Kim was born Sandra Caldarone in Belgian town Montegnée in October 1972. She participated in various musical contests from her early childhood. Already at the age of 11, she was discovered and became lead singer of the group Musiclub. After two years she was even given the honour to participate for her country in the Eurovision Song Contest in beautiful Bergen, Norway.

She won.

Out of the blue, a 13-year-old girl won the biggest European song contest with J'aime la vie (I love life). How was that possible? Several things will have played their part, but none of them decisive at first glance: fresh appearance, reach of voice, Italian energy, optimistic lyrics, sing-along melody. Every single country jury awarded points to little Sandra Kim.

A year of fame followed, although she hardly sung. Belgian band Bange Konijnen (Frightened Rabbits) dedicated an ironic song to the teen girl: Shit, ik ben verliefd op Sandra Kim (Shit, I'm in love with Sandra Kim):

Shit, ik ben verliefd op Sandra Kim, oh shit.
Lekker stuk van 14 jaar
Heel Europa viel voor haar
Voor de beeldbuis kwam ik klaar
Ook premier Martens deed het maar.

Shit, I'm in love with Sandra Kim, oh, shit !
Gorgeous babe, 14 years of age
All of Europe was fond of her
In front of the tube she made me come
Even the Prime Minister did it then.

At the next Eurovision contest, she presented the prize to her successor Johnny Logan. She finished high school while trying to work on her career. Her second ('though little) hit became Tokyo Boy.

Only interrupted by some television appearances, Sandra Kim fell into anonymity in the years to follow. She married her old love Olivier Gérard and then divorced him. Not until 1998 she returned to the stage with Dutch songs in the style of Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion.

Sandra Kim's discography:

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