The proper name for sangria made with white wine as the base instead of red wine.

Peach Sangria Blanca

One bottle of chilled dry white wine (iced tea or lemonade may be substituted if you'd like a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage)

Half a peach for every serving

Two ounces of raspberries and blueberries for each glass

Wash the fruit carefully. Check for stems in the blueberries and make sure none of the raspberries are too soft. Slice the peaches. Reserve a couple for garnish. Dice the remainder of the peaches and drop four ounces or a quarter cup of diced peaches into each glass. If you prefer the peaches may be peeled first. Dropping the peaches into boiling water for a couple seconds will help the skin slip off but either way if your peaches are at the peak of perfection this will be a juicy process. Cover the peaches with raspberries, blueberries and add enough wine to bring the contents of the glass near the top. Garnish the glasses with a peach slice. Set out some cheese and crackers. Put your feet up and let the last of the sunshine kiss your bare feet as you tip your glass back to catch those last elusive drops of summertime sweetness. Enjoy and let someone else do the dishes. You deserve a break.

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