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San"gui*na*ry (?), a. [L. sanguinarius, fr. sanguis blood: cf. F.sanguinaire.]


Attended with much bloodshed; bloody; murderous; as, a sanguinary war, contest, or battle.

We may not propagate religion by wars, or by sanguinary persecutions to force consciences. Bacon.


Bloodthirsty; cruel; eager to shed blood.

Passion . . . makes us brutal and sanguinary. Broome.


© Webster 1913.

San"gui*na*ry, n. [L. herba sanguinaria an herb that stanches blood: cf. F. sanguinaire. See Sanguinary, a.] Bot. (a)

The yarrow.


The Sanguinaria.


© Webster 1913.

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