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Could be considered to be one of the most surreal places in the world. Located in Jefferson, New Hampshire, Santa's Village lays claim to being the summer home of Santa and his elves. There you can meet Santa, who wears his full red suit even while on vacation. You can take a ride on his beloved Yule Log Flume. Santa also likes to see you take a ride on his enchanted railroad, which takes you through the area where his elves spend their summer vacation working. There are a number of staged shows, including a rather intriguing interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Should you need to take a break from the action, be careful, because walk-around characters like Poogie Penguin and Susan Snowflake like to make sure you keep smiling.

This bizarre world does exist within our world, but remember, it is only open from June until early October. Santa has business to attend to and he can't hang around having fun with people like you all year long.

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