1906-1982. Satchel Paige was the biggest legend ever to emerge from the Negro Baseball League. The lanky right handed pitcher was known for his fastball and his exhuberant personality.

His professional baseball career began in 1926 and his on-field antics quickly made him a big ticket seller. He played for the Pittsburgh Crawfords during the early 1930's and it was with that particular team that he enjoyed the most success. He had a 32-7 and 31-4 season in 1932-33 respectively.

After a salary dispute, Satchel left the US to play in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. When he came back he signed with the Kansas City Monarchs and perfected his curve ball. Satchel pitched the Monarchs to four consecutive Negro American League Pennants and won 3 games in the 1942 Negro World Series against the Homestead Grays.

In 1948 he was finally alowed to play in Major League and became the oldest rookie ever to play major league baseball. With a 6-1 record and a 2.48 Earned Run Average Satchel helped the Indians win the World Series that year.

Satch enjoyed a long career and at age 59 pitched three innings for the and became the oldest man to pitch in a major league game.

In 1971, Satchel was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and became the first player elected from the Negro Leagues.

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