A television show on Nickelodean that features a man named Steve that has a lovely little girl dog named "Blue". Blue is always wanting to play some sort of mystery game with Steve. Blue always has an Idea of something to do, but forces Steve to play this game called "Blue's Clues" until Steve figures it out. The clues are notated with pawprints and Steve has a little book that contains little hand drawn pictures of the clues. During the show Steve needs lots of help from the people watching... because he is sort of dense. I think he may be kidding... But who knows.

There was a nasty rumor going around for a little bit regarding Steve from Blue's Clues. I was informed by many people that he aparrently died of a cocaine overdose. While that seems ironic by the fact that he is the host of a children's show, it is not true. According to the IMDB, he's still alive and well. He's making a Blue's Clues movie, and he enjoys playing guitar in his spare time. Good for him.

This rumor (the Steve one listed above) came about because the host of a British show called Blue Peter kicked off in such a manner. Steve (his real name) appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell Show soon afterwards to quash the rumour.

The voice of Blue is Traci Paige Johnston.

Yes, I'm 29, married, no kids, and I mark out for Blue. So what?

Blue's Clues' Theme Song

STEVE: Oh, Ok, so to play Blue's clues... we gotta find a...
KIDS: Pawprint!
STEVE: Right 'cause that's the first...
KIDS: Clue!
STEVE: Yeah! And then we put it in our notebook
'Cause they're Blue's clues... Blue's clues......
We gotta find another pawprint...
That's the second clue!

We put it in our notebook 'cause they're who's clues?
Blue's clues...

We gotta find the last pawprint,
That's the third clue!
We put it in our notebook
'cause they're Blue's clues... who's clues?
Blue's clues!

You know what to do!
Sit down in our thinking chair and think...
think... thi-i-ink!
Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time,
We can do any THING... that we wanna do!
STEVE: Ok, it's clue time!

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