The Savannah.

The NS Savannah, was the first nuclear powered merchant vessel. It was designed by George G. Sharp, Inc. the oldest Naval Architectural and Marine Engineering company in the United States. It’s keel was laid on May 22, 1958 at New York Shipbuilding Corporation, (which closed in 1967) in Camden, New Jersey. She was launched on July 21, 1959, but was not commissioned until 1962, because of union negotiations, the deck officers did not want the engineering crew to make more money than they did.

She was a 596-foot, 10,000dwt cargo liner, equipped with many luxurious staterooms.

The NS Savannah was decommissioned in 1972. At one time you could still tour the NS Savannah at Patriots Point, in Charleston , SC.

Currently the NS Savannah is in the James River, near Norfolk, VA, awaiting the cutter's torch.

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