I fell asleep to the sound of your voice. You kept saying that everything would be okay. And I kept hearing, "if you love me, I will ruin you."

And I said I know, I know, I know.

You touched my hair, and I woke up with less.

Later I stared into the sun for you, and then everything went black and the sun smiled. I didn't mean to break my toes. My vision was a gift to you, and my toes were a gift to the sun. I kicked doorways all day long.

You came up to me and said, "I'm an egomaniac."

And I said what?

And I meant what the hell are you talking about?, but you thought I didn't hear you. You reconsidered and said, "the sun is too damn bright."

And I said I know.

We walked in it, and you thought about yourself, and I thought about my hair, and my toes, and my eyes. I thought about you in the sun. You were lovely. The sun wasn't too bright. I wanted to tell you that. I meant I knew that you're an egomaniac.

I can't see that you don't see that.

I wanted to hold your hand and write in your palm with my finger. I would tap out SOS until you cried out to Samuel F.B. Morse for everything you've done.

I tapped on my thumb. Dots and dashes. Dots and dashes. You looked at me and said, "I hope the weather is better tomorrow," and I tapped all the louder still...---...

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