A catalog of cheap (cheapish) reprints of popular children's and young adult books. Sort of like a Book of the Month Club, but for kids. The thing about the Scholastic Books Club is that a) it's all direct to customer sales so it's cheaper than retail and b) the person in charge of the book club (usually the teacher) gets bonus points based on the number of sales which can be redeemed for free stuff (more books for the classroom!)


When I was in grammar school, every couple of weeks, I'd be given a new Scholastic Books Club catalog to take home. I would be so excited because it meant that I would soon be getting new books! Yay! I would take it home and carefully go over the cheap paper catalog with my parents, checking off the books that I wanted (Encyclopedia Brown for me and Beverly Cleary or something for my little sister.) Then I would get my money (mostly nickels and dimes it seemed) and count out the dollar or two per book and put it in a little, yellow envelope which I would guard it with my life. Even then I loved books because, to me, a book was like a time machine and space ship all rolled into one; it could take me anywhere. And a couple of weeks later, when the books would finally come, I would be so happy -- it'd be like Christmas in July. Ahh. Simple pleasures.

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