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Also known as QPB, this is another one of those book clubs that give you a huge discount on the first 4 books, similar to the music clubs that give you "11 CDs for the price of one". I've been with QPB for six years and can verify the following features:
  • lousy customer service
  • shipping and handling charges on normal orders that offsets any discounts
  • bonus points for each book you buy, that really do allow you to get books for free, except for shipping and handling
  • you get free books if you can convince someone else to join the club
  • there is a lot of erotic literature for sale by this club

Once you buy your first four books, there really isn't any "catch" to QPB, except that you had better not fail to turn in the monthly offer letter ("This Month's Selection: will be shipped unless we receive other instructions BEFORE...Without the proper postage, the Post Office will return your mail"). Otherwise, you'll find a package and a bill at your doorstep in a few weeks. The only thing that has made this easier is that you can now refuse the monthly selection at the QPB web site. Although the web site malfuctions quite often.

Why do I stay? QPB tends to have an eclectic selection of books, and I have bought some really neat books from them. But it does tend to be a bit of work, making sure I don't end up with unwanted books.

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