A dance similar to the Polka. It is characterized by the clapping of hands after having taken three hopping steps. It is written in 4/4 time.

(otherwise known as the bunny hop, yes?)


The Schottische is a couple dance characterized by the foot rhythm step-step-step-hop step-step-step-hop step-hop step-hop step-hop step-hop; also referred to as 1-2-3-hop 1-2-3-hop 1-hop 1-hop 1-hop 1-hop. The tempo is roughly half that of a Polka.

There are two holds that make up most of the Schottische variations. The first has the two people side by side, both facing line of direction. The lead's right arm around the follow's waist, and the follows left hand on the lead's right shoulder, with the remaining hands not connected in any way. This is sometimes called military position or the position as in the military schottische. The other has the two farther away from each other, the follow's left hand in the leader's right.

Variations of the Schottische are generally divided into two groups : those done in the 1-2-3-hop half, and those done in the 1-hop half. The basic choices tend to be either doing the whole thing moving forward along line of direction or switching to a closed position on the four step-hops and turning them into four pivot steps. Pretty much anything is fair game, as long as you keep the steps and the hops in the right places. Most One Step and Fox Trot variations work quite well.

Some variations for the 1-2-3-hop 1-2-3-hop:

  • Just go forward.
  • Being going sideways along line of direction, and turn it like a very slow Polka
  • Let go of your partner, run away, then come back.
  • When you're hand in hand, switch places on the second 1-2-3-hop, when your inside feet are free. Switch back on the first 1-2-3-hop of the next set, when your other foot, now the inside foot, is free.
  • Turn the follow under on the first 1-2-3-hop, and turn yourself under on the second.

Some variations for the 1-hop :

Is the Bunny Hop a Schottische variation? Probably. But then, so is the Salty Dog Rag.

Schot"tish, Schot"tische, (), n. [F. schottish, schotisch from G. schottisch Scottish, Scotch.]

A Scotch round dance in 2-4 time, similar to the polka, only slower; also, the music for such a dance; -- not to be confounded with the ecossaise.


© Webster 1913.

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