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Sequel to John Gribbin's book, "In Search Of Schrödinger's Cat". A very good book which tries to explain the bizarre and weird world of quantum physics, taking its name from the famous thought experiment of Erwin Schrödinger.

The full title being "Schrödinger's Kittens And The Search For Reality", this book picks up the problem in ancient times when the mystery of light was still being investigated. It charts the various theories of light, from Sir Isaac Newton's theories that light was formed from corpuscles, through the wave theories of Fresnel et al, and back to the modern quantum interpretation. The book continues to explore where these theories lead us, dallying briefly in relativity. The author concludes with his own thoughts on how the Universe and causality interrelate.

The kittens mentioned in the title of the book refer to the hypothetical offspring of Schrödinger's cat, who are sent on a Quantum Mechanically linked journey to the far ends of the Universe to show one of the more exotic predictions of Quantum Mechanics.

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