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Thundercats main battle tank. Introduced in "Berbils", the 3rd (counting the pilot) episode of Thundercats, the Thundertank has been the dream machine of almost everyone that watched that freakin show. This glorious machine was industriously built by mechanic Panthro using salvaged materials of the Thundercat spaceship (destroyed when they crash-landed on Third Earth). With many of Panthro's "special modifications" the Thundertank can operate on land, underwater, and underground. Or, to put it better, it can dive, dig, climb, and roll over your evil mummy ass anytime day or night. The Thundertank runs on the strange fuel "Thundrilliam" (which also runs the Cat's Lair).

Things to do with your thundertank:
Protect yourself from Mumm-Ra's rock showers
Drive it over to Castle Plun-darr to free the Brute Men
Transform it into a "Thundersub" when you need to rescue unicorns from Berserkers.
Get it trapped between some rocks, and then free it by using Slythe's Nose Diver to pull it out.
Have it sabotaged by Mumm-ra as he is disguised as a faux-Thundercat named "Pumm-Ra" (who honestly falls for this name crap?)
Help defeat Burn Out, Quick Pick and Plutar
Hide Snarf in it while you try to fight the Crystal Queen
Go to Tuskania?

The Thundertank was released (as a toy) by LJN
It "AUTOMATICALLY SPRINGS OPEN FOR ATTACK!" according to the packaging. YAY! That's definitely an unparallelled machine of destructive engineering.

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