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SciFiQuest 2010 will occupy the entirety of
Month One Of The Future: 00:00:00 January 1, 2010 to 00:00:00 February 1, 2010

No, we do not care about GP. That's an imaginary number in an imaginary database - Monopoly money, like Danish kroner and U.S. dollars. Here is what you get for contributing to SciFiQuest in our post-scarcity post-capitalist post-cyberpunk post-environment post-future: exposure. You get your name and the name of the thing you wrote stuck on the front page of Everything Two Dot Com, a site of enviable PageRank and surprising visibility. People will see your thing and read it and they may vote on it and they may C! it and they may bestow Editorial Coolness. They will click the "I Like This!" button. Join Me Or Die. Can You Do Any Less?

The aliens have arrived, and their ravenous hunger can be sated by only one thing: stories. This Is A Parable About The Power Of The Imagination. GO CREATE.


We demand Science Fiction Writeups. When you have written one, /msg me, sam512, and I will add it to this writeup.

Science fiction is preferred. Science fiction factuals are equally acceptable. If in doubt, review something - a classic Star Trek episode, a book, a recent sci-fi movie.

No science fact allowed!

Serious Advice: Avoid Doing Anything Listed In The Turkey City Lexicon! We had a guy win a previous SciFiQuest with that "Adam and Eve story" trash! Seriously!?!

Special Bonus Features

  • Want to explain where your story came from and what you were thinking when you wrote it? The thing doesn't make sense unless you explain it? Add creator commentary! There's no great trick, just put a horizontal rule (<hr />) and add your comments below the original writeup!

  • Want some cross-pollination? Let me know when you post your new story and I'll also put it up on my website, Things Of Interest (1000+ unique visits per day)! The new story will appear right there in the site's "new pages" RSS feed! How many subscribers does that have? I couldn't possibly guess, but it's a few dozen at least! Plus, you'll get credit, comments and a link back to the original at E2!

  • Making a longer story arc? Want to collaborate on a shared universe with at least one other noder? That's a guaranteed C! from me, sam512! I'll give a C! to any node which expands upon a science fiction universe established by some previous E2 writeup. That previous writeup can be written by anybody (you or someone else) and it can be written anytime (during this Quest, or long before it)! You have to tell me though, I haven't already memorised every writeup in the world!

  • Also worth a guaranteed C! From Me: putting a writeup under the same title as another writeup from this Quest! That's right, it's a Forgotten Things in Space mini-quest rehash!


  • Guaranteed before the end of this quest! The astonishing conclusion of Fine Structure!

  • I guess the top rated writeups will get special recognition or some jazz

Entries (in reverse chronological order)

Cortex Command by Phaedon (factual)
Replicas by Michael Henry F (factual)
Science Fiction Future by sam512
Hybrid Vigor by Jet-Poop
Welcome to CosmoLife! by Croakery
Jorge Luis Borges será leído en los túneles en el año 2045 by Ariloulaleelay
Heat wafted off the cooling solar panels over every building in town by barrythefigment
The History of Mars by AldusValor
Julian Comstock by Timeshredder
Wandering Stars by Michael Henry F
January 1, 2010 by Kizor
¡Long Live the Mole Queen! by Ariloulaleelay

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