Dear New Member,

On behalf of the staff of CosmoLife, I want to take this opportunity to thank for choosing us as your healthcare provider. Please spend a few minutes reviewing the information in this letter. We have prepared this material in response to the many questions clients have asked about health care from CosmoLife.

Together, our medical, laboratory and nursing staff bring over 12,000 years of professional experience from over 100 worlds to provide universe-class healthcare. Our staff focuses on using knowledge and skill in bringing patients a broader array of options for treatment plans which meet their clinical, psychological, and financial needs. Our primary concern is bringing together a treatment strategy that reflects a proper match of solution to patient problem.


CosmoLife is proud to offer the following services:


CosmoLife is part of the GalactiCare family of service providers. Your participation in CosmoLife entitles you to receive benefits from other participating providers including MediStar, TerraMed and GreyCross/GreyShield. Your PSYtrac chip and ID number will be accepted in all community locators.


CosmoLife provides all services free of charge. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care in the universe to all. we provide a wide variety of services and strive to meet the needs of every individual.

I want to share with you our policy about patient confidentiality. All your health information is kept strictly confidential unless you present a clear threat to your health or someone else’s. Our ability to meet your health care needs would be severely compromised if you had any reason to believe that information you disclose to us would be shared with anyone without your advance permission.

During any procedure or consultation, CosmoLife may collect data later used in scientific studies. All data will be collected and aggregated in any published studies. In no event will CosmoLife publish personally identifiable information from your health record. CosmoLife reserves the right to publish any collected data in scientific studies for publication. if you have any questions regarding personal information collected while receiving care from CosmoLife, please activate your PSYtrac chip to contact a representative.


Since your PSYtrac chip will remain implanted while you are an active member of CosmoLife, we request that you limit your healthcare encounters to members of the GalactiCare network. In the past, patients consulting providers outside the GalactiCare network have caused conflict and confusion when asking those providers about their conditions or PSYtrac chip. For the same reason, we request that you please limit your discussions with patients outside the GalactiCare network.

Your participation in CosmoLife is voluntary. You may cancel your membership at any time by presenting a letter requesting withdrawal from our services. However, we ask that the PSYtrac ID chip be returned upon cancellation. Additionally, we reserve the right to edit your memories upon canceling our services. If you wish to cancel our services at any time, please activate your PSYtrac ID and schedule a consultation.

Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



President of CosmoLife

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