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Duct tape has a certain romantic image to it, no doubt due to the fact that bookish intellectuals (and, presumably, psuedointellectuals) can turn themselves into rough and ready handymen for the expense of a roll of tape. Indeed, if, it has been stated, punk rock is the white trash of the left wing, then duct tape is the gun rack of the left wing.

But, lets be realistic. Duct tape is not all that. For one thing, trying to build a house with duct tape is pretty futile. So is trying to tape two sheets of paper together. In other words, duct tape takes the middle ground of construction projects, making it, perhaps the Bill Bradley of adhesives.

On the other hand, for all the things that you are really going to need tape for...patching up torn pieces of paper, combining together four or nine pieces of paper to make a king size map of Middle Earth to hang in your bedroom, tacking notes up on walls without tacks, and the like, scotch tape is more then adequate. It has a surprisingly high tensile strength for such a tiny piece of plastic. It is clear, so you can read writing through it. And unlike duct tape, it is not heavier and thicker then the paper you wish to repair. So get off your retro-tough guy liberal Johnny Cash high horse and get yourself some actual real useful tape.

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