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Scott is a (the) producer at viewaskew, he has been Kevin Smith´s sidekick since Clerks. And what a team they make.

Produced following films:
Chasing Amy

*UPDATE* YES... mcSey, he is also Willam, who in mallrats is played by Ethan Suplee. Mallrats is happing one day before clerks. You wonder what happend to William that one day.. he must have lost about 300 pounds or something!
Scott Mosier has played a number of roles in Kevin Smith's movies.

In Clerks he plays:
William (aka Snowball)
The angry hockey-playing customer
One of the angry mourners who chase Randal & Dante out of the funeral

In Mallrats he plays Mr. Svenning's assistant, Roddy

In Chasing Amy he is the comic book collector who accuses Banky Edwards of tracing

In Dogma you see him as the adulterous man on the bus who gets shot by Matt Damon

In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back he returns as Snowball & plays an assistant on the set of Good Will Hunting 2.
Do not make direct eye contact with Matt or Ben or you will be fired.

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