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An excellent TV programme from the UK, hosted by Robert Llewelyn (the actor who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf) and Cathy Rogers (who also created and produces the show, but only started co-presenting in the second series).

Originally called just 'Scrapheap' in the first series, the show completed its' third series on Channel 4 at the end of 2000.
During the programme, two teams of four people have to build a specified piece of machinery from scratch using whatever they can find in the (custom built for the series) scrapheap (located in the corner of a real scrapyard in London), in around 10 hours.
As the challenges can involve just about anything, included in the team of four is an expert in the field of whatever is being built (eg. motor-racing engineer when building dragsters..)
Challenges which have previously been set include: a powerboat; a car crusher; a cannon; an amphibious vehicle; a steam powered car and a catapult.

Rules are set for each show and at the end, the two machines are raced to determine the winner.
The series runs for ten shows to find who will collect the 'Scrapheap Trophy.'

The same show has also recently been introduced to the US under the title 'Junkyard Wars.'
In the US, TLC shows repeats of the UK version as well as an all American version hosted by Cathy and comedian George Gray, though for future episodes, Tyler Harcott is taking George's place.
Repeats of the show are often broadcast on the Discovery Channel (in the UK, at least).

The program is produced by RDF (rdfmedia.com) and stopped taking applications for new contestants back in January 2001.
The fourth series started back in the UK on the 9th of September. Interestingly, the series was filmed not in London this time, but in America's San Fernando valley!

Check out www.channel4.com/scrapheap/ for the official site (updated for the new series).
Also worth mention is www.the-nerds.org for a massive amount of information from a team previously on the show.

Robert Llewelyn has his own site at www.llew.co.uk
Also, interestingly, there's a fan site for Cathy Rogers at www.topcath.co.uk....

Update: The NERDS site is back online!

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